GAP Architects is an international practice with diversified project experiences. Combining innovative building technology and advance computational techniques, our design philosophy adapts to various scales with unique and multifaceted conceptual lineages and systematic execution continuities.

GAP Architects’ projects range from graphic design, furniture design, interior design, to building design, landscape and masterplan design. Our international experiences allow us to successfully carry out designs in a “glocal” (global and local) contexts by integrating social, cultural, economical, urban, and spatial conditions.

GAP Architects is founded and led by Raymond Lau who was teaching in Architectural Association between 2006 and 2008, “Non-Linear Architecture and Parametric Design Workshop” hosted by Tsinghua University School of Architecture since 2009. Raymond is currently the unit professor of Studio 4 in Laboratory of Computational Design (LCD).

Raymond co-founded the research-based 4C5M Studio to research and theorize the reciprocal relationships between research and practice, between sociological phenomenon and spatial manifestations. The latest conference hosted by 4C5M studio was in Tongli in June 2013.




Raymond lau建立了GAP建筑事务所的同时也致力于教育方面的工作。他曾经在2006年至2008年在英国伦敦建筑联盟 (ARCHITECTURAL ASSOCIATION) 任教。自2009年担任清华大学的‘参数化非线性研究课程’的讲师及指导老师。现在担任北京参数化设计研究中心课程教授并参与第四单元参数化设计教学工作。

Raymond Lau 合作创立了学术研究组织【肆师伍门工作室】 这个组织致力于研究和理论化学术研究和实践之间的相互关系,社会现象与空间表现之间的关系。最近一次的学术交流会议在2013年六月的同里。